For the Love of Cheer

The National Team program hopes to push our local athletes onto the world stage by representing Singapore to compete in international championships. This would be impossible without huge passion from our athletes and generous financial aid from our sponsors. If you would like to sponsor or donate to our national team, please email for further discussions.





Team Singapore 2017/18 was established this year in order to represent Singapore to compete in the upcoming ICU World Cheerleading Championships (ICU Worlds). The ICU Worlds will be held in Orlando, Florida next year in April, and its medal represents the highest level of achievement attainable in the sport of cheerleading. A tryout was conducted previously to ensure athletes with the best qualities and standards are being recruited into the National Team.

The team currently comprises tertiary youths and working adults, and they come together to train two or more times a week after school/work in order to gear up for the competition. If you would like to support the team through sponsorship or donation, please contact Wei Wei at for more details.


Lin Fuxiang Jimmy

Jimmy Liu Yin Wei


Annabella Tan Kah Yi

Chen Simin

Felicia Lau Yan Ting

Jasmine Tan Yan Jun

Kimberly Lim Man Ting

Koh Zerlind

Pee Hai Rou

Tan Xue Ting Jasmine

Tricia Toh


Cheong Jun Wei

Dickson Soh Ming Hao

Faris As-siddiq Bin M.Razali

Lim Ding Xiang Clement

Lim Jie Han Graham

Lim Xue Tong Tom

Lou Zheng Hui

Marcus Heng Shi Hao

Ong Pin Yi Joshua

Quek Er Kee

Sim Wei Sheng

Tan Nee Meng

Tam Shi Wei Shane Edward

Tan Ying Lun

Toh Jia Zhi

Wang Wei Jun



Team Singapore 2013 was established in June this year in order to represent Singapore to compete in the upcoming ICU Asia Open Cheerleading Championships to be held in Tokyo, Japan, this September. A tryout was conducted previously to ensure athletes with best qualities and standards are recruited into the national team.

Team Coaches

Liu Yin Wei

Huang Shih Wei


Jimmy Lin

Clement Lim

Chen Cheng

Cheng Zhi Liang

Gary Shien

George Goh

Jayson Ong

Joshua Koh

Kenneth Huang

Lim Hann Bin

Ng Jian Sheng

Nigel Chong

Nigel Sim

Tam Zhao Xuan

Tan Kahau

Terence Yew

Lim Biyi

Alicia Ang

Ang Hui Shan

Felicia Chan

Felicia Lau

Jasmine Neo

Jasmine Tan

Vinnie Lee